B to the I to the G (G), B to the A-N-G (freaky freaky)
jah sae roh oon shee dae roh gah jah (jah)
BIG BANG ae ah cheem eul mah jah (jah)..

uh... YEAH!
YO... this is crazy

MR. T.O.P mwuh deun hahl soo eet dah neh

nah reul mee duh bah roh oh neul ee bahm eh
nuhl mahn johk shee gyuh jool kkeh nahn geen mahl ahn hae
ppuhn hae mae eel hah neun guh shee rah gohn
ddah boon hahn eel sang eh ee mee jjee deun mohm
nah hah neun dae roh ddah rah hae nuhl ee kkeul goh
jeh dae roh dwehn muh seul boh yuh jwuh MUSIC eu roh

IT'S WOAH heu reu neun BEAT eh maht chwuh nuh yae
saeng gahk ae jang byuh geul moo nuh ddeu ryuh bah kkwuh
YO shee jahk hae ONE TWO THREE and FOUR
nuhn juhl dae roh nae soh neul buh suh nahl soo uhp suh UH

jae meet neun RYTHM geet deun noh raet soh ree roh
uh deet deun jee geum oo ree seh gyeh roh

YO nuh moo doo ryuh wuh hah jee mah shee geh
byuhl guht ah nyah uh ryuh wuh hah jee mah shee geh
nah ee ddah ween nee juh buh ryuh moh doo eet geh
ee soon gahn mahn keum eun jeul gyuh boh shee geh

soh ree chyuh BIG BANG shee jahk hae NEW THING
sae roh oon seh gyeh roh dah gah chee GET WITH THAT

B to the I to the G (G), B to the A-N-G (freaky freaky)
jah sae roh oon shee dae roh gah jah (jah)
BIG BANG ae ah cheem eul mah jah (jah)

B to the I to the G (G), B to the A-N-G (freaky freaky)
jah sae roh oon shee dae roh gah jah (jah)
ee guhn oo ree deul mahn ae PARTY yah~

nah reul bwah mahl hae bwah
nee mah meul oom jeek yuh bwah
sohn jeet doh mohm jeet doh
gah neun dae roh mahk jee ah neul teh nee

(heun deu ruh) eek sook hae jeen deut hahn neu kkeem
(sohn deu ruh) nah reul yoo hohk hah neun noon geel
mahk jee mah soom jee mah
nuh wah nae gah hah nah dweh neun guh yah

mah jee mahk shee gahn dah gah oh neun soon gahn (geu soon gahn)
nuh ddoh hahn hoo hweh hah geen sheel jah nah
nuh neun moo uh seul nuh neun moo uh seul~
suhn taek hae CAN YOU FEEL?
ee jeh ddwee neun nee sheem jang eh moh meul maht gyuh bohl lae

B to the I to the G (G), B to the A-N-G (freaky freaky)
jah sae roh oon shee dae roh gah jah (jah)
BIG BANG ae bool bee cheul chah jah (jah)

B to the I to the G (G), B to the A-N-G (freaky freaky)
jah sae roh oon shee dae roh gah jah (jah)
ee guhn oo ree deul mahn ae PARTY yah~

B-I-G (oh~ oh~) B-A-N-G (oh~ oh~), LET'S DO IT
(LET'S DO IT sae roh oon shee dae roh INTO IT)
B-I-G (oh~ oh~) B-A-N-G (oh~ oh~), LET'S DO IT
(LET'S DO IT, BIG BANG gwah hahm kkeh DO IT)

PUT 'EM THE HANDS UP duh nahl ee reu kee goh
yuhl gwang hah neun gwahn joon deul ae hee meu roh
MY GOD, OH MY oh neul ee bahm eun wae ee ree doh jjahl beun guhn jee yo

THEY ALL KNOW moh doo gah oo ree wah gah teun mah mee rah goh
mahl ahn hae doh neu kkeel soo ee ssuh bwah yo
JUST LET IT GO uh neu sae yuh geen MY FAMILY~

B to the I to the G (G), (yeah~ ye), B to the A-N-G (freaky freaky)
jah sae roh oon (LET'S DO IT~) shee dae roh gah jah (jah)
BIG BANG bool bee cheul chah jah (jah)
(sae roh oon oo ree chah rah wah~)

B to the I to the G (B to the I to the G) (G)
B to the A-N-G (B to the A-N-G~) (freaky freaky)
jah sae roh oon shee dae roh gah jah (jah) (jah bwah yo~)
ee guhn oo ree deul mahn ae PARTY yah (PARTY yah~)

(freaky freaky)

Gangs Of Seoul #1 (ENG SUB)


[Infinity Challenge EP 248]

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

G-Dragon//Big Bang Lovers <3<3<3
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

[LYRICS] Beautiful Hangover


kimi wa my beautiful hangover
hangover yeah
kimi wa my beautiful hangover, hangover

kagayaku headlight nemuranai machi e are you ready?
koko kara ga shoubu ase-razu ni genkai made zenkai de ikou!
nagareru radio chijimeru kyori yo oh oh oh
yukisaki wa mada ienai yo
honey, close your eyes

we're gonna get down down down!
gimme love love love!
sagashi motometeta lady
dare ni motomerarenai making love kiga sumumate Go!

kimi wa my beautiful hangover (ay)
hangover (ay) yeah
kimi wa my beautiful hangover (ay) hangover (ay)

it's me G.D (i know you love me)
ma-ma-ma-ma-ma beautiful girl
1, 2, 3 to the 4-sho one like you
there ain't nobody can do them things you do
so true
i'm so excited delighted
i won't deny it nor fight it
baby you got what i need
got me jumpin' jumpin' off my feet

baby there's no playin' delayin'
always got me feelin' that healin'
everyday i'm smilin' and wildin'
when i think about you
think about you
got me flyin' so high'n
and i won't stop bringin' and bringin' that (bang)
B.I.G (bang! ) T.O.P (bang! )
baby that's how it be

we're gonna get down down down!
gimme love love love! sagashi motometeta lady
dare ni motomerarenai making love honoo no yo ni atsuku

kimi wa my beautiful hangover (ay)
hangover (ay) yeah
kimi wa my beautiful hangover (ay) hangover (ay)

you got my heart, love game
makes me crazy baby
kiss my lips kuruwa se 360°
mou nara you ni naru shikanai, yeah

we're gonna get down down down
gimme love love love! sagashi motometeta lady
dare ni motomerarenai making love kiga sumumate go!

kimi wa my beautiful (beautiful ay) hangover (hangover)
hangover (hangover) yeah (hangover yo, what?)
kimi wa my beautiful (beautiful ay) hangover (hangover) hangover (hangover)

yeah i'm bringing lets go
what i like to make up in love
every time i can't get enough
of your kindness, sweetness, i don't want it ever to end

so amazing, all the above,
in a way you take you show love
you define us and i just...
want to give you all my baby

aahh ahhhh aaaaah aahh~
beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
aahh ahhhh aaaaah aahh~
beautiful my baby



YG Entertainment and Soompi have come together for a new and exciting event!
VIPs speak your mind and vote for your country that you would like to see Big Bang come visit

Step 1 : Go to Big Bang's official Facebook page (You have to like the page)
Step 2 : Click Global Event on the side tab                                                        
Step 3 : Click "LIKE" on button next to the country flag                                     
Step 4 : Click allow for the application request                                                   
Step 5 : Click "LIKE" again on button next to the country flag                              

*You may only VOTE once*
P.S: If your country is not on the list speak up and tell us at the Soompi Forum
"Feel free to speak up and share your thoughts at the Soompi ForumGO!

and hopefully Big Bang will come to your country
Good Luck to all VIP!!

Source : Soompi Forum

Big Bang Survey

Take a piece of paper and jot down the answers for the questions below.
The optional answers (a,b,c,d,e) represents Big Bang member's answer.
Pick out the best answers that you wish to get from 'him'.
After that, count how many a, b, c, d and e you got.

1. When you buy him clothes as a present and he doesn't like it...
a :
smiles and lies trying to compliment it saying it’s pretty
b :
takes your hand and goes to the shopping mall explaining why he must exchange it for his fashion purposes
c :
smiles and tries to start a different conversation
d :
gets overly excited and exaggerates his thanks
e :
wears it on the spot and jumps up and down the sidewalk

2. When you are jealous due to his relationship with one of the female celebrities on TV
a : holds your hand.
b : explains logically says its not true.. then goes on TV and explains to the world its not true as well.
c : stutters trying to explain continuously, then sighs saying he’s sorry
d : laughs and sings ‘Look at Me GiSoon’ with your name in it instead
e : acts cute and says “Are you being jealous right now~!?’ in a cute voice

3. When you are away from your phone and another guy sends you a text hitting on you
a : deletes the guys number
b : presses ‘Call’ on the number right away.
c : pretends he didn't see it but gets quiet
d : tells you that you got a text and gives you a suspicious looks
e : smiles and lets it go in front of you, then goes home and tracks the guy down, texting him evil messages

4. When he comes to your house without a word and you look like a ‘pain’ (no shower, haven't washed hair, sweats, etc etc)
a : washes your hair for you
b : makes you a schedule on ‘how to not be a pain’ and makes you write a written oath that you will never be a ‘pain’ again
c : lies to you and tells you he hasn't washed his hair for 4 days either
d : sits down on your couch like nothings wrong and watches Doraemon
e : gets too shocked and scared that he can't even come in the house

5. When you get a disease and must die the next day
a : treats you like the normal days but never lets go of your hand
b : swallows/hides his tears and says “Lets live today to the fullest/Until the day ends lets live like no tomorrow”
c : ends up crying and doesn't know what to do
d : pretends he didn't hear and keeps making you laugh
e : can't stop crying and just keeps taking pictures with you

6. When he walks in on you cheating on him with someone else
a : without a word, punches the guy and takes you with him
b : gives you his ring (couple ring), cellphone and walks out without a word
c : makes a conversation with all of us
d : says “Oops, got in the wrong place” and walks out
e : gets very mad and can't control his anger so he throws and breaks furniture

7. When he meets your parents and they don't like him
a : goes on his knees
b : says “She is pregnant”
c : smiles and says he wants to marry his first love
d : tries to earn points by singing ‘Look at me GiSoon’ with your name in it instead
e : kisses you in front of your parents and shouts “SHE IS MY LADY!”

8. When he sees that you are in the audience while he's performing
a : never takes his eyes off you until his performance ends
b : ignores you because you make him nervous and focuses on making the performance perfect for you
c : is so happy that he keeps smiling and messes up his dance
d : puts in customized moves by him for you
e : acts cute in front of the camera

9. When you tell him you're going to get plastic surgery
a : pretends he didn't hear and secretly slides a picture of ’surgery-gone-wrong’ pictures for you to see
b : gives you his credit card
c : tells you that you're more beautiful now and says no
d : insists if you do it, he's definitely doing it too
e : listens to you and then makes fun of you

10. When you say you're going to a resort for university
a : tells you to have fun and come back
b : keeps asking you if guys are gonna be there too
c : says its okay but you see him starting to pout without realization
d : suddenly gives you Doraemon and tells you to think of him when you look at this
e : says “Take me too”

11. When watching a movie together and its some serious 19+ sexual content…
a : tries to switch the mood by being funny
b : ……asks jokingly “…can you do that?”
c : cheeks turn red, starts pouring nose bleed and faints
d : “oh fun stuff~” and enjoys it
e : suddenly whips his head around and looks at you

12. When you fall and hurt yourself
a : gives you a piggy back ride to the hospital
b : makes fun of you because you fell
c : runs to go buys medication
d : helps you to get home
e : asks if it hurts a lot and blows on the place where it hurts

13. When you say you want a name brand item
a : buys a fake one and says later on, he’ll make it a real one
b : pretends not to listen but buys it for you later
c : promises to buy you one once he makes more money
d : keeps saying not to buy expensive things
e : keeps asking if he can buy you something else

14. While watching a horror movie
a : protects you
b : quietly covers your eyes
c : comforts you by saying there’s nothing to be scared of
d : holds your hand tightly
e : screams even before you scream

15. When your voice crack while singing
a : pinches your cheek and says you're cute
b : laughs at you
c : gets even more embarrassed than you
d : pretends he didn’t hear it
e : makes fun of you by imitating you

16. When his friend says he likes you
a : says “What are you trying to do?” and breaks ties with his friend
b : goes up and punches his friend
c : who talks it out with his friend
d : says he will introduce another girl to his friend
e : stops talking to his friend

17. When you're mad at him
a : starts a serious talk by asking you if you're mad
b : says I’m sorry and says don’t be mad
c : sings to you
d : makes you laugh
e : does cute stuff around you

18. When he meets your friends
a : compliments you in front of your friends
b : asks your friends to watch over our relationship
c : makes you feel good by complimenting your friends
d : makes your friends comfortable as if they were his friends
e : asks your friends to consider him

19. On your birthday
a : takes you to some place expensive
b : treats you better than other days
c : makes you a special present
d : sings to you on a stage at a restaurant
e : says happy birthday all day long cheerfully

20. When you and him kiss
a : hugs you tight first
b : just does it
c : asks first
d : becomes awkward first
e : asks if you can give him a kiss on the cheek and turns his head when you're about to kiss his cheeks

21. When it’s raining and both of you only have one umbrella
a : shares the umbrella but he ends up getting wet
b : holds you really tight so both of us don’t get wet
c : gives you the umbrella and he walks under the rain
d : tells you to wait and go gets another umbrella
e : just tosses the umbrella and have both of us to walk in the rain

22. When you say you want to break up
a : lets me go, saying he’s sorry he didn’t do much for you
b : is dumbfounded and says he never thought you'd break it off
c : asks if he can hug you one last time
d : says farewell and lets you go, crying
e : clings and anxiously asks why you're acting like this suddenly

23. When you and him go to the amusement park
a : suggests to ride what you want to ride
b : suggests to go to the haunted house first
c : takes lots of pictures
d : eats this and that
e : forcefully takes you to scary rides

24. When he is paying at a restaurant but has no money
a : is sorry but asks if you could pay for now
b : grabs your hand and runs
c : has them keep his belonging until he can pay
d : calls his friend to bring some money
e : is anxious and doesn’t know what to do

25. When you talk to another guy
a : thinks it’s no big deal
b : tells you not to talk to other guys
c : can’t say anything but actually bothers him
d : is curious and sneakingly wedges in the conversation
e : later asks what we talked about

26. When he can’t reach you through the phone
a : says he’s worried
b : comes to your house right away
c : lets it by, thinking something must have happened
d : calls until you pick up
e : gets mad because you didn’t pick up

27. When you tell him you love him
a : whispers in your ear that he loves you
b : kisses you
c : hugs you without saying a word
d : smiles, embarrassed
e : hugs you tightly, saying he loves you too

28. When both of you are shopping
a : says it’s boring and wants to go home already
b : picks out clothes for you
c : does everything you want to do
d : impatiently follows you around
e : enjoys shopping more than you do

29. When you act cutely (like a kid)
a : thinks you're cute and hugs you
b : says you're not doing it right and shows an example
c : tells you to do that everyday
d : just laughs
e : copies you

30. When you and him get held up by a gang
a : fights them
b : grabs your hand and run
c : makes an effort to clear things out
d : calls the cops
e : leaves you and runs away

31. When you ask for him to buy you pretty clothes
a : says okay and runs to the mall
b : tells you that if you get any prettier than you are now, life is gonna get difficult for you
c : says okay and picks one out for you
d : buys you a Doraemon dress
e : tells you “you have a lot of clothes, you buy me one"

32. When your house is dirty/messy
a : forces on a fake smile and says its clean
b : says “what is this?! oh well, lets clean this together”
c : cleans it up by himself
d : brings in a Doraemon robot that cleans and becomes happy
e : says “i can't stand this lets leave”

33. When you eat noodles the night before and your face is all swollen
a : tries very hard to hold in his laughter
b : says “aww babe cmon what is this..” and massages your face for you
c : asks you if you're OK
d : says “its okay hun Doraemon is here!”
e : says “pft, who said to eat noodles?”

34. When you wear a super short mini skirt
a : looks at you legs and seems pleased
b : says “BABE!”, takes off his jacket and covers your legs with them
c : goes somewhere and brings back a pair of jeans
d : covers it with Doraemon
e : becomes worried and begs “don't wear skirts all the guys are gonna hit on you”

35. When you forget that it’s your 100th day together
a : forgives you, says “its okay things like this happen”
b : super cute and asks “guess what day it is today~!”
c : says “how can you be like this”
d : tells you that Doraemon is gonna put a curse on you!
e : gets mad at you for a while

36. When you're crying…
a : thinks that if he asks why you're crying, you might get embarrassed so he doesn't say anything
b : quietly hugs you from behind
c : tells you not to cry and sings you a romantic song
d : tells you not to cry and gives you a Doraemon doll as a present
e : looks at you….. and cries even harder than you!

37. When you're DRUNKKKKKK..
a : keeps asking “why did you drink? huhhh?”
b : goes to the kitchen and cooks hae-jang-gook (a type of soup you drink to recover from drunkenness) for you
c : says “were you having a hard time? i'm sorry…”
d : asks if you drank because of him, and tells you he's sorry
e : says “what! you drank without me” and gets mad at you playfully

38. When you ask, “do you wanna go out with me?”
a : says “yes” right away like he was waiting for it
b : says “a girl should never have to ask a guy out, its the guys job” and asks you out
c : ignores you
d : mumbles and cant really answer, shy.
e : doesn't say anything for a bit…. then suddenly says “i love you”

39. When you can't swim in the swimming pool
a : rescues you right away
b : says “its not deep at all there! you can stand up you know
c : calls a lifeguard
d : is drowning in the pool with you
e : freaks out “OMG YOU'RE DROWNING!”

40. When you ask him to buy you the newest brand name very very expensive heel
a : buys you one then goes and cries in the corner T.T my moneyyy
b : laughs, looks at you and kindly buys you one without a question
c : swipes his card without a word
d : tells the employee to give it to him cheaper
e : tells you “this ones better, lets buy this”

41. When you get admitted to the hospital (arms, legs, head)
a : asks “are you okay?”
b : says “when you're hurt, i hurt too..” and cries
c : packs your favourite lunch for you
d : brings and buys you juice, clothes, accessories and everything you want
e : gets out a permanent marker and starts drawing on your cast

42. When you say “hug me”
a : hugs you definitely
b : hugs you tightly
c : holds you lightly
d : says “you're too cute” and hugs you
e : hugs you and says “you know i love you right?”

43. When you don’t pick up your phone
a : gets worried and asks “is something up?”
b : gets playfully pissed and says “why didn't you pick up!”
c : says “i guess you were busy..”
d : says “hmph, we’ll see if i pick up your phone!”
e : starts crying

44. When both of you are watching a disturbing action movie (killing, blood, guts, etc)
a : asks “are you okay?” and looks at you worriedly
b : holds your hand and walks you out of the movie theater
c : watches it quietly
d : reacts even more than you do and says its scary
e : watches carefully and imitates it

45. When you beg him to buy you a super short short mini skirt
a : says “i don't care about pants, but skirts no way!”
b : says “babe, just look at your legs, no way its only for my eyes” and blushes
c : says “of course i`ll buy you!”
d : says “this is prettier….” and picks out a cheaper one
e : says “you're definitely my soul mate, you've got a sense in style”

46. When you beg for him to buy you his mp3 (the same one)
a : says “of course” and buys you the mp3 you want
b : gently puts the earphones he was listening to in your ears
c : smiles at you and gives you his
d : laughs and passes
e : buys you one, and buys himself a newer one too

*Scroll Down For Answers*


a = TOP
b = G-Dragon
c = TaeYang
d = DaeSung
e = SeungRi

(please comment on this post to share about your answers - your ideal one)

Thank You!

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